About Us Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

Indian nationals, who want to relinquish Indian nationality, should fill up the form - A (click here to download). The other requirements are as under. 

1.     The applicant should come personally to the Embassy with Original Proof of Indian nationality i.e Passport / Indian Election commission ID Card or Domicile Certificate and submit it along with filled up form and two passport size photographs.

2.     Two witnesses are required to come with the applicant along with their ID Proof and one passport size photograph each, they are required to fill up the form - B (click here to download);

3.     The Consular fees for relinquishing Indian Citizenship is NPR 11,420/- (NPR Eleven thousand four hundred twenty only), which has to be paid in cash at the counter along with the filled up forms;

Upon processing the application a printed certificate will be issued to the applicant stating that he / she has renounced his / her Indian Citizenship and the original documents of the applicants proof of Indian nationality will be cancelled and retained by the Embassy.

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