About Us Welfare Branch


India has always been proud of the rich tradition of enrollment of Nepal Domiciled Gorkha soldiers into Indian Army; which is as historic as Eighteenth century. In accordance with the Tripartite Agreement, this unique practice has continued till date. Our beloved veterans, having spent considerable period of their life time in India and later by virtue of them getting settle down in Nepal, it was imperative to have an organisation which can look after them in their twilight years.  To ensure this, as part Indian Embassy in Nepal, Defence Wing was institutionalized post-Independence. 

There are approx 1,26,000 NDG pensioners who post-retirement are settled and leading peaceful life in various parts of Nepal. It has been our relentless endeavour to reach out to our veterans in the farthest areas of domicile by implementing multifarious welfare oriented schemes including various socio-economic projects. With this aim of fulfilling their welfare requirements in-situ, GoI has established IEWON which is working under Chairmanship and guidance of the Ambassador of India to Nepal. A unique Institution, IEWON is functioning proficiently with pulsating involvement of concerned Ministries and Departments of the GoI.  

Welfare Activities

The scrupulous execution of these projects has resulted in self-realization of our ESM and also in betterment of their living standards. Positive results have been made possible by synchronized and assiduous endeavors of the Kathmandu based HQ IEWON (comprising of all Branches of Defence Wing), both PPOs and 22 DSBs functioning across Nepal. The Welfare Branch which came into subsistence in early Fifties has effectively transformed itself as per contemporary welfare needs of our NDG pensioners. For achieving this, Welfare Branch and HQ IEWON are working in sync to expand even further, the scope of multifarious aspects of welfare programs in Nepal 

Medical Care

In order to fulfil the medical requirement of ESM and to ensure quality medical care, GoI has commenced numerous innovative medical programs in Nepal. Defence Wing taking all possible measures to provide quality medical care to our veterans and dependents. Through which, it conduct tours by MWT in Nepal is to provide in-situ medical care to our veterans and their dependants in remote areas. Every year about 06 MWTs are visiting Nepal which consists of Medical, Eye and Dental Specialists of Indian Army who provide specialist medical, dental and eye care along with provision of spectacles and dentures to our veterans. The commitment and services of MWTs towards the welfare of our ESM is widely acknowledge and appreciated in Nepal.  

Drinking Water Projects (DWPs)

DWP is a pivotal program sponsored by the MEA which has successfully influenced lives of our ESM and others residing in water scarce areas of Nepal. The innovative scheme is in vogue since last three decades. The project is conceived with an aim to provide potable piped water to the villages where majority of the residents comprises of our BhuPuus. High density GI pipes, CGI sheets, pumps, taps, cement and most of the hardware items are given to the local ESM Committee. The project is then executed through Community Service (ShramDaan) by the villagers duly channelized by our ESM 

Educational Scholarships

To assist our ex-servicemen in educating their children, numerous scholarships schemes are being implemented. A brief gist is as under :-