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The B. P. Koirala India - Nepal Foundation (BPKF) was established in December, 1991. The BPKF was instituted by the two Governments during the visit of the Prime Minister, G.P. Koirala (B.P. Koirala's youngest brother) through a Memorandum of Understanding between Government of Nepal and the Government of the Republic of India.

Bishweswar Prasad Koirala, after whose name the Foundation is established, is the symbol of Nepali renaissance. His ideas and vision made him a unique mixture of liberalism, humanism and social justice. He was a crusader against all forms of injustices perpetrated in various forms and through various agencies state and non-state. He occupies a unique place in politics, literature and intellectual thinking process making him a statesman - politician. B. P. had the distinction of being the first elected Prime Minister, following his party's overwhelming victory in the 1959 general election. Democratic system was terminated through extra-systemic means in 1960, but B.P.'s image as a symbol of democracy further increased until his death in 1982. B. P.'s involvement in the Indian Nationalist Movement and its impact on his political thinking process made him a close friend of India.

The Foundation is financed through revenues generated from a Trust Fund which has been set up principally through grants made available by Government of Nepal and the Government of India. The Foundation also accepts unconditional grants from other agencies, both public and private.

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