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1.         After independence, approximately 30,000 service documents of Non-Effective Nepal Domiciled Gorkha Soldiers were handed over to the Chancery of Embassy of India, Kathmandu (Nepal) by British delegation at Kathmandu and further handed over to the Military Pension Branch during the year 1955-56.  The Record Office in Kathmandu was established in 1960 under the aegis of the Defence Wing, Embassy of India, primarily to attend to the pension claims of our ex-servicemen and maintenance of their documents.


2.         Record Office Indian Embassy, Kathmandu is now responsible for maintenance of approximately 94,144 Non-Effective documents of Nepal Domiciled Soldier of the Indian Army, in addition to thousands of pension related cases.


3.         The role/charter of duties of ROIE are as under:-


(a)        Maintenance of documents of Non-Effective personnel of Nepal Domiciled Gorkha Soldiers Served in Indian Army, both pensioners who are drawing their pensions in Nepal as for the non-pensioners, who are residing in Nepal.


(b)        Investigation of Liberalized Family Pension and Special Family Pension claims of all heirs of Nepal domiciledIndian Army Gorkha Soldiers, as required vide Para 174 of the Regulations for the Army-1987 (Revised Edition) and progressing them with PCDA (P), Allahabad till finality.


(c)        Investigation of Ordinary Family Pension claims (including Pre-64 and marriage after retirement cases) as per Para 174 (m) (ii) of the Regulation for the Army – 1987 (Revised Edition) and follow up progresswith PCDA (P), Allahabad till finality.


(d)        Revision of all types of pensions affected under various revision policies being issued from time to time by Government of India through PCDA (P), Allahabad.


(e)        Attending all correspondence, appeals, representations pertaining to all types of pensions,gratuity and other pensionary benefits received from ex-servicemen/their dependants and progress them till finalisation.


(f)        Rally.  Staff of ROIE regularly visits to various places to resolve the grievances of ex-servicemen and their Next-of-kin.


(g)        This office also establish pension Campsonce in quarter to complete the documentation and investigation of those who are not able to report to ROIE Kathmandu, due to various reasons.



4.         Existing helpline number (+977-01-4416619) with four hunting lines and IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) facility has been established at ROIE as a welfare measure forex-servicemen and their families of Nepal Domiciled GorkhaSoldier with an aim to curtail their frequent movement, resolve their grievances/queries telephonically and lessen the distance between Ex-Serviceman and their Record office from 09.00 AM to 05.30 PM on working days. 

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 5.         Grievances/queries can be resolved on the following alternative numbers also:-


(a)          +977-01-4443224

      (b)          +977-01-4424808

      (c)          +977-01-4442835

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