About Us Consular Wing

Sh. Raghav Prasad Bhatnagar
Minister (Consular)
4411065 4423790 min.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Sh. Anil Kumar Giri
Counsellor (Cons & Community Affairs)
4414204   consularcons.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Sh. Guarav Singh
First Secretary (Consular)
4411027 4423790 fscons.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Sh. H.R. Sharma
Second Secretary(Consular)

Sh. Ashok Kumar
Attache/PS to Min(Cons)
4411065 4423790 min.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Sh. Praveen Gosain
Attache (PS) to Counsellor(Cons)
4414204 4422037 consularcons.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Sh. Rajesh Kumar Dubey
Attache (Cons)
4440653 4413132 cons.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Sh. Diwakar Sharma
Attache (Cons)

4411751 4413132 cons.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Attache (Visa)
4411066 4413132 cons.kathmandu@mea.gov.in

NODAL OFFICERS - for Passport/Visa/Consular services queries

(a) (Consular/Passport related queries)

Tel: Tel: 4411466, Mob.- 9851107024
Tel: 4440563, Mob. 9851107022/ 9851107021/ 9851107006 (24x7) 
Email: cons.kathmandu@mea.gov.infscons.kathmandu@mea.gov.insscons.kathmandu@mea.gov.in.

(b) Smt. Vinita Singh (Visa related queries)
Tel: 4001516,  9851124848
Email: visa.india@nsbl.com.npvisa.kathmandu@mea.gov.in

Emergency number (For extreme emergencies like accidents/ evacuation/ hospitalization): 9851107021