About Us Air Passengers – Import of gold & Silver


All foreign passengers visiting Nepal by air can bring gold ornaments up to 50 grams only and silver ornaments up to 100 grams only without paying any Customs duty, in their personal baggage, on the condition that they will take it back on their exit from country. Import of ornaments above the permissible quantities can lead to seizure of ornaments and imposition of fine of equivalent value of the goods.

It may also be noted that except ornaments, gold & silver in any other form like coins, biscuit, pieces etc. is not allowed to be imported by passengers. Such gold/silver articles are seized and confiscated by Nepal Customs. Besides confiscating the gold, a fine equivalent to the value of the gold seized is also imposed.

As per provisions of Nepal Customs, besides seizure of goods and imposition of fine, a person can also be imprisoned for violation of its law.

For information on any provisions related to safe custody of ornaments with Nepal Customs on arrival or procedure to bring ornament more than the permissible quantities for personal use during their stay in Nepal, please visit the official website of Nepal Customs at www.customs.gov.np

The aforesaid information is for the sake of guidance of Indian passengers traveling to Nepal by air and should not be construed as the exact legal position.