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Name Designation Email ID Office Tel. No.
Shri Manjeev Singh Puri Ambassador amb.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4411425/ 4426241
Dr. Ajay Kumar DCM dcm.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4411408/ 4428244
Shri Abhijit Halder Minister(Consular) min.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4411065

Counsellor(Reconstruction) couns-recons.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4001539
Shri Stalin Babu Cheekatla Counsellor(Consular) consularcons.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4414204

Counsellor (Commerce) com.kathmandu@mea.gov.in
Shri Prabhjeet Singh Gulati First Secretary (Economic) economic.kathmandu@mea.gov.in  4410264 
Shri Abhay Kumar Ojha Second Secretary(Consular) fscons.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4411027
Smt. Suchita Kishore First Secretary(Reconstruction & DP) reconstruction.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4001539
Mrs. Maithili Jha First Secretary(CSO) cso.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4412801
Shri M. Keivom First Secretary(Education) edu.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4412694
Prof. Kedar Nath Sharma Director(ICC)    
Ms. Soumya C First Secretary (Political) sspol.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4412286
Dr. Vipra Pandey First Secretary (Pol & HOC) & SA to Ambassador pol.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4414974
Shri Abhishek Dubey First Secretary (PIC), Secretary (BPKF) & CPIO cpic.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4413174
Shri K.T. Khampa Second Secretary(Consular)    
Shri Niraj Jaiswal Second Secretary(Admn., Estb. & Projects) hoc.kathamandu@mea.gov.in 4434276
Shri S. Sasikumar Second Secretary (Accounts) & DDO accts.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4413756
Shri Kapidhwaja Pratap Singh Second Secretary(Commerce) & Commercial Representative com.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4410232
Shri Gurjeet Singh Second Secretary(Security) security.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4411144
Smt. Chinghoihkim Keivom Second Secretary(PPS to Ambassador) amb.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4411425/ 4426241
Smt. Kusuma Bansal Second Secretary(Reconstruction) reconstruction.kathmandu@mea.gov.in 4001539