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Government of India extends financial assistance of NRs. 44.13 million for construction of Building for Shree Mahadev Higher Secondary School, Chankheli-Darma in Humla.

Posted on: January 06, 2021 | Back | Print

Today, representatives of Embassy of India, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration and Rural Municipality of Chankheli-Darma of Humla District signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) the construction of lab and library building for Shree Mahadev Higher Secondary School located at Chankheli-Darma. Government of India is extending a grant of NRs 44.13 million for the project under Nepal-Bharat Maitri Development Partnership as part of High Impact Community Development Project scheme programme of Government of India.


2.         Established in1976, Shree Mahadev Higher Secondary School is affiliated to National Examinations Board (NEB) & Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) of Nepal.


3.         Since 2003, under High Impact Community Development Projects programme, earlier known as Small Development Projects, India has completed 428 projects in the areas of health, education, drinking water, connectivity, sanitation and creation of other public utilities in across all seven provinces of Nepal. Out of these, 14 are in Province-6, including one completed school in Humla District and 4 school construction projects are under various stages of completion.


4.         As  close  neighbors,  India  and  Nepal  share  unique  ties  of  friendship  and  cooperation. Today’s signing of the MoU is reflects continued commitment of Government of India in complementing the efforts of Government of Nepal in creating infrastructure in priority sectors. 




Kathmandu, Nepal

06 January, 2021